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Jose Eber – The world famous California cowboy hairdresser has a full-service salon here in Dallas. In addition to a very good haircut, Eber’s salon provides manicures, facials, massages and trichoidogy. A European-style massage with Milan is an absolute must.

Carole Marlow

Anyone who is fortunate enough to know Milan Komarica will know that this beautiful caring man has truly been gifted with healing hands. His inner love and sensitivity towards his fellow human beings indeed shines through his work. He is a wonderful and special person. Any one who crosses his path will be truly blessed.

Bettina S. Simon

Attorney at law

Milan Komarica is a master of the art of massage. Not only is he a gifted therapist, he is a remarkable human being. He massages with his hands – and his heart. Milan has helped me recover from a ruptured disc injury and I highly recommend him to anyone who can benefit from the therapeutic benefits of massage or who just needs to relax! I have found him to be a complete professional in his demeanor and approach, while also compassionate and caring. He is the BEST! I would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Mrs. Richard S. Whitesell

I have had six back operations; the last two were within the last 9 months. I have known Milan for almost a year and he helped be tremendously, both pre-operatively and post-operatively. His massage therapy has been the best I have received and I know his treatments are speeding my recovery from my last surgery.

I would highly recommend him to anyone knowing he would be such a help to them.

Viviane Meyer

Thanks a lot for your help, my back is much better and I would need to meet you once more !!

However it is not so convenient to leave Paris and just flight to Sarajevo !!

It was a very positive experience and I would recommend your massage to any of my friend and colleagues.

I hope to meet you again.